Inércia 2023 (1-3 Dec)

📣 Seminars

As always, we will have seminars at Inércia on different topics connected with the demoscene, read more information about them below:

🧟‍♂️ Building a Frankenstein 64 by Celso Martinho

📆 December 2nd 16:00 GMT

celso seminar Restoring or building old computer replicas from scratch as a hobby is a great way to understand not only how they worked but also how modern computing still shares some of the same fundamentals.

I will present how I built a C64 replica from scratch and restored and upgraded other Commodores (C128DCR and an Amiga1000). Maybe I'll bring them along too.

👾 Arcade game port to ZX Spectrum - A reverse engineering exercise by Rui Martins

📆 December 1st 18:00 GMT

rui seminar Reverse engineering an arcade game and re-implementing it into an 8 bit system is an engineering exercise, where compromises have to be made in order to accomplish the goal, since the capabilities of the target machine are severely under powered when compared with the source machine.

On this seminar talk the processes of accomplishing this and all it involves, will be presented with example of the Arcade game "Magical Drop II" and how it became the ZX Spectrum game "Extruder" developed by Rui Martins.

🧙 Crashcourse on making demos for the TIC-80 Fantasy Console by ps

📆 December 1st 16:00 GMT

tic80 seminar TIC-80 is a free and open source fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.

We decided to use it for evil and make demoscene productions instead. It's a fun sandbox to quickly prototype some ideas, it's limitations of palette and sound offer a charming oldschool retro aesthetic while the support for modern languages enables a faster learning curve.

In this seminar talk I'll walk you through the basics of TIC-80 and how to quickly get started doing something creative with it: pixel art, music and programming. We'll also include some protips of what tools are availble to assist in both size optimized or megademo projects.

icon cables as a demo making tool by anticore feat. liqube

📆 December 1st 19:30 GMT

anticore seminar is a tool for creating beautiful interactive content. With an easy to navigate interface and real time visuals, it allows for rapid prototyping and fast adjustments.

Anticore and liqube will make this presentation framed from the perspective of Gaia Space Agency demos, with focus on techniques, learned lessons and nifty tricks.

✨ O que é a Demoscene? (PT) by jeenio

📆 December 2nd 11:00 GMT

jeenio seminar During our open morning to the community on Saturday, we will explain what the Demoscene is all about, telling a bit about the history, the artists, the productions and the role of Associação Inércia in promoting the Demoscene in Portugal.

As the main target audience is Almada's community, this seminar will be in Portuguese.

⌨️ Intro to live coding music with FoxDot by Violeta Padilha

📆 December 2nd 20:00 GMT

violetkill seminar Short showcase of how you can code music live with FoxDot, an intuitive and open live coding library using Python and SuperCollider.

Presented by Violeta Padilha, brazilian multimedia artist based in Lisbon.

🙊 Roundtable

✋ Roundtable - niche communities growth and the demoscene

📆 December 2nd 13:00 GMT

roundtable Following up to what we did last year, we will hold another roundtable at Inércia this year to help us reflect on the best way to go forward with our mission to promote the demoscene culture in Portugal.

We will present our vision and listen to the stories from some friends who have gone or are going through similar processes in other niche scenes: João Ramos from Load ZX Spectrum Museum, Manuel Correia with gamedev perspective, João Catarino from Oficina D'Almada Makerspace and Celso Martinho with his experience having helped organize Codebits/Pixelscamp, the first editions of Lisbon Makerfaire, etc. We'll also have FRaNKy (organizer of Revision, RSync and Transmission64) and rc55 (organizer of NOVA) to ground it on the demoscene perspective. Hopefully we will all get some more insights and protips on how to grow niche communities in sustainable ways.

🎵 Live ActsTop 🔼

It wouldn't be a demoparty without some live music and DJ sets. Read all about them here!

🪩 Shader Royale Jam

📆 December 1st 22:00 GMT

Shader Royale Organized by LCDZ, we present to you a massive GLSL livecoding session with over 30 participants programming in realtime from all over the world: in Bulgaria, Chile, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, United States and ofcourse a few of them also at our party place, right here in Portugal. Audio liveset by Parallel Pulse.

🎧 DJ set: Willow

📆 December 1st 23:00 GMT

willow djset HAGUE // DETROIT

Dusty disco tracks and oddities from unconventional places of Dutch/Detroit scene.

🎧 DJ set: Liqube

📆 December 2nd 21:00 GMT

liqube djset A classy blend of soulful, funky, and jackin' house music to make all the bits and bobbles inside your body do a handsome mating dance.

🎹 Concert: Gasman

📆 December 2nd 23:00 GMT

gasman concert Award winning chiptune artist Gasman has rocked dancefloors across Europe with his unique blend of energetic vocal performances, virtuoso keytar synth solos, and the nostalgic square wave sounds of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

🎹 Concert: Echo Chamber Effect

📆 December 3rd 10:30 GMT

echochambereffect concert "Echo Chamber Effect" is a project that brings together members of the Portuguese scene and researchers in digital art, and is based on the convergence and remixing of a set of old and original works from this group. This show combines the digital with the analog and the pre-recorded with the immediate through live music and reproduction of graphics, and live coding.

🎇 Lazy Sunday Jam

📆 December 3rd 23:00 GMT

Byte Jam Organized by Field-FX, multiple participants coding TIC80 visuals from different corners of the world and ofcourse a few of them also at the party place. DJ set by Jeenio.

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