Inércia 2023 (1-3 Dec)

🫶 Thank you!

Thank you for attending and/or participating remotely! Please give us your feedback on how the event went for you using this google form. We hope you had fun and don't forget to come to next year's edition of Inércia Demoparty!

Thank You!Everyone

Meanwhile, here are some post party links for you to check out.

📷 Photo Gallery

Retro Corner

Setup and Venue

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

After Closing

Shader Royale

DJ set: Willow & Tina Stormcaller


Building a Frankenstein 64

DJ set: Liqube & Tina Stormcaller

Lazy Sunday Jam

Seminars (misc)

Afonsus Floppy Badge

Misc Showcases

Gasman Concert


Build Up Timelapse

🎨 Results & Releases


📺 Rewatch Livestream

Playlist with all the events @ youtube

Day 1 @ scenesat

Days 2 & 3 @ scenesat

✍️ Party Reports

SFIA Almadense Facebook

Jae's party report