Inércia 2023 (1-3 Dec)

🏠 Venue

Inércia Demoparty will take place 1-3 December 2023 at Salão de Festas da Incrivel Almadense, in the heart of Almada, Portugal, just across the river from Lisbon.

Incrivel Almadense We will have a big screen projector, audio PA, tables and chairs for up to about 100 participants and a food corner for snacks and things.

The location has floor space for participants to sleep in a more reserved corner, you are welcome to sleep on location during the party period. We recommend you to bring a matress and a sleeping bag equipment for optimum party crashing comfort. Or book an hotel room / airb&b close by.

💶 Entrance Fee

Entrance fee to access the venue of the event is €13.37 to be paid at the door.

Free entrance if you're either:

📝 Register for attendance

If you're planning to attend in person please register using this google form. If you're anti-google, you can email or dm us on discord your information (email, name, nickname, nationality, if we can list the nickname and nationality on our website, the size for your t-shirt, which of the days you're planning to attend, if you have any food constraints and if you're planning to sleep at partyplace). If you register before 12 November you get the party t-shirt for free!

🖥️ Remote submitting and voting

You don't need to register with the google form if you are not planning to attend physically. To submit your entries remotely and vote on the competitions you can simply login to this very website using SceneID.

🥳 Who registered so far:

📜 Rules of conduct

No sexism, racism, transphobia behaviors allowed.

The organization reserves the right to refuse entrance / kick out anyone for any reason.

Similar rules apply to our online chatrooms, you will get blocked / banned if you don't behave. Bottom line: Don't be an asshole. Respect others and you're welcome to attend.

Concerning COVID-19 related restrictions: we will follow whatever health directive is mandatory at the time of the event. Currently in Portugal all restrictions have been lifted, no requirement to provide vaccine documentation, no requirements to wear masks. Common sense applies: please stay home if you're infected, and please wear your mask indoors if you have symptoms and/or been around someone who recently tested positive.

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